Resources Available for Enabling Human Evolution

    Firstly, I wish to acknowledge and appreciate your willingness to have read this document so far. I hope the information provided has inspired you to explore ways that you can help facilitate human evolution.

    After over 50 years of personal concern for the situation we face, I believe I have developed resources that if widely accepted and applied can help in realizing a positive future for humankind and our planet.

    I am strongly motivated to make available to others the resources (Theory and methodology) I and my colleagues have developed (The How) on how to realize a partnership culture, one which will enable prosperity, the health and well-being of our society and of our planet and help ensure a future which we will feel proud to bequeath to our children.

    I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and am the coordinator of a Meetup group titled “Inspired Leadership in OD.” In the near future I plan to approach members of the Meetup group to implement an initiative to develop resources that they can use to concurrently help organizations prosper and contribute to the well-being of our society and our planet. I encourage you to consider joining this Meetup group and participating in developing resources together.

    I have a website that until recently I consider to be personal and have decided to make the content available to others. I plan to post this document on Human Evolution on my website to enable you and others to read it there.

The 3 Legs Of The Stool

Leg One - Accessing Inner Wisdom

Leg Two - Learning to Be Better Partners

Leg Three - Defining Humankind’s Evolutionary Vision

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