I, like many other people have been trying to balance the joy of experiencing the gift of life and understanding the deeper question of who I am, what is my deeper purpose and how can I realize it. Bob’s Insights draw on notes that I have written over the last 50 years on my search to understand who I am and what my deeper purpose is as part of the evolution of our planet and our universe. I offer the documents in this section as a resource for others who are seeking to answer what is their life’s purpose and how can it be achieved. In writing Bob’s Insights, I developed my own descriptions of the aspects of the human being which I have documented in insight 1 to help you better understand the ideas I wish to share. I asked you to read “Who Am I-the Aspects of Humankind” before you read my other insights.

Who am I - The aspects of humankind

    An overview of the history of the universe, our solar system and the evolution of humankind is provided and the challenge of reconciling religious views with the findings of science. It acknowledges that each of us has our own unique perspective of who we are as physical and spiritual beings. It provides a definition of the aspects of humankind that I use in the Bob’s Insights provided on this website.

Thoughts on the purpose of this gift called life

    This document provides information what I refer to as “Shared Purpose” which I believe humankind is called to achieve. I identify what I consider to be the root cause of the ill health in our society which I believe is our shared purpose to address. Information is provided on our opportunity to partner together to achieve it, the challenges we face, and the process by which it can be achieved.

Understanding and addressing the root cause influencing human happiness

    In this document I provide additional reference information to support my view of what is the root cause influencing human unhappiness and how developing partnerships, in all walks of society, will concurrently foster prosperity and help build a happy, healthy, and just society.

Learning to love by embracing the gift of our inner wisdom

    This document shares the view that the force that enables the evolution of humankind is love and that learning how to listen to and follow our inner wisdom, when addressing disharmony, enables us to learn to truly love ourselves, each other, and all of nature and together build a happy, healthy, and just world for ourselves and future generations.

Overcoming personal disharmony and facilitating human evolution

    This document provides additional information and case examples on my view that the purpose of life for humankind is to build together a happy healthy and just world for ourselves and our children. Disharmony provides an opportunity, for those involved, to understand why it exists, and resolve it in a way in which the parties learn together with love in their heart; and thus, evolve.

Questions seeking answers

    In this document I share a list of 5 questions I have sought answers to for 40 years in my search for a fulfilling life. I share my belief that humankind’s search lies in reaching a state of being on our life journey that I referred to in other insights as being awake. I offer 18 specific thoughts I have had related to building a more peaceful world together.