Who Am I - The aspects of humankind

     Prior to the advances of science answers to the question of who I am and my purpose were offered by a variety of religions of which today there are 4200. Without the wisdomof science humankind speculated, with positive intent, and defined that speculation as religion. When beliefs get deeply ingrained in the human consciousness, we are challenged to change them. In 1543 Nicholas Copernicus developed his theory that the earth rotated around the sun, which was confirmed by Galileo with scientific observations in 1610. It took over 200 years for this belief to be accepted by denominations of the Christian church.

    Science has determined that the universe is 13.6 billion years old and our solar system, including the earth to be about 4.5 billion years old. Also, that the earliest forms of humankind, “Sahelanthropus,” evolved on earth about 6 million years ago. Science tells us that Homo sapiens appeared about 1 million years ago. Written human history is onlyabout 5000 years old. Biblical scholars believe that the book of Genesis in the Bible wasfirst written down about 3400 years ago. I believe that I and many others are challengedto draw on the findings of science and speculations of religion and decide who we are and how to play a positive role in helping to build a happy, healthy and just world and contribute to achieving our evolutionary purpose. Please accept Bob’s insights as a contribution to achieving that purpose.

The aspects of humankind

     I am sure that if you are reading Bob’s Insights you have developed from your life experiences your unique perception of who you are as both a physical and a spiritual being. In this section I want to provide a summary of my personal view of the aspects of humankind. I suggest each of us has two primary components of our being. Firstly, we are physical beings (Physical Self) living in this world with a learned mental wisdom from our life experiences; and secondly, we are spiritual beings (Real Self) with what is often referred to as our soul with an inner wisdom that often guides by means of what is often referred to as our intuition.

    Our society has defined many different aspects of humankind and often we have different meanings for these aspects. In considering who we are as physical human beings and spiritual beings with the potential to contribute to human evolution I think it’s important for each of us to have a personal view of the aspects of humankind. I offer thefollowing list as my personal descriptions of the aspects of humankind.

    HUMANKIND — The name for a male or female experiencing life on Planet Earth. Each of us is a Physical Self with a learned Mental Wisdom and a Real Self with a unique soul and an Inner Wisdom which speaks to us as our intuition.

    PHYSICAL SELF — The temporal form of humankind which senses and acts in the physical world.

    MENTAL WISDOM — The wisdom of the Physical Self; the learned knowledge of our lifetime experience. Our Mental wisdom changes as a result of our life experiences.

    REAL SELF — The aspect of humankind which is guiding our experience on Planet Earth and learning from our experience. The Real Self consists of our Soul which is eternal and its Inner Wisdom.

    SOUL — The spiritual form of humankind which dwells in the spiritual realm.

    INNER WISDOM — The wisdom of the Real Self which can evolve from personal life experiences.

    WHOLENESS — The state of being in which our actions, feelings, and thoughts are an expression of the Real Self. A state of being in which our mental wisdom and our inner wisdom are in harmony. It is the state of being in which we can experience and enjoy harmony on our life’s journey or have the opportunity to learn from disharmony.

    ONENESS — The state in which our Real Self is in harmony within the world we are experiencing. It is a state in which we can experience in our daily lives inner peace and joy on our life journey and what has been referred to as the peace that surpasses all understanding.

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