Leg One - Accessing Inner Wisdom

    Building a traditional brick building requires that the bricks used are suitable for the purpose. In building the future of human society each individual is a brick and has a unique responsibility for their own development and their ability to contribute to the vision of “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”.

    Over the centuries of human development sages from all walks of life have provided a clear message that we are not only physical, mental human beings but also spiritual beings with an inner wisdom that can guide us. Early proponents of this perspective were Russians Gurdjieff and Ouspenskii. They stressed the importance of what they referred to as being awake. A primary challenge each human being faces is to understand the concept of being awake as a spiritual being. Being awake is essential to be fully alive and an active participant in facilitating positive human evolution. Each human being has the opportunity to learn how to be awake and choose their pathway for achieving it; examples include meditation and immersing oneself in nature.

    Over my 50 years of searching, I have made notes of thoughts that have helped me learn to be awake as a human being, I call these Bob Tales. I now view them as a resource to help contribute to building leg one of the stool.

Summary and Comment

    The foundation upon which human society will evolve and build a happy, healthy and equitable world are individual human beings. Each person is responsible for learning to be awake to their inner spiritual wisdom and learning from their life experiences how to more effectively contribute to the well-being of society and human evolution.

    The personal stress individuals face from the challenges in their daily lives and the culture of the society they live in influences their ability to be awake to their inner wisdom. In larger business organizations Human Resources have a role in helping individuals develop their professional skills and in creating an organizational climate within which they can be successful in their daily work. I believe it is also very important for Human Resources to understand the concept of being “awake” to our personal inner wisdom and encourage individuals to draw on it to help the organization achieve its purpose and do so in a way that also contributes to the well-being of society.

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