Boxes on the Road of Life

    I have a story I reflect on sometimes when I’m dealing with making challenging choices on my journey to achieving a purpose. It really talks about the process of one’s journey towards achieving a purpose, personally or with others, and the need to experience the joy of harmony on the journey and decide what to do when there is disharmony.

    Here is the story. I am walking down the road towards achieving a purpose and as I walk down the road there are boxes on either side of the road. Each box represents a choice I am making in achieving my purpose. When I approach each box, I press a button on it and listen. If it plays harmonious music, I feel happy inside and continue down the pathway to my purpose. However, if I press the button and it makes a disturbing noise, I tell myself I have a choice to make and consider if the action I am choosing to take at that moment is the right one. I then try and listen to my mental wisdom and consider other actions I could take. I look for one that is satisfactory and is in harmony with my inner wisdom and if I do, I choose that action. If I don’t find such a choice I then need to ask myself do I proceed on the pathway and is the purpose sufficiently important. I often choose to accept that moment of disharmony and proceed down the pathway. I then walk down the road and find that the succeeding boxes play harmonious music and continue the road to achieve my or our purpose. However, if I find a continuous row of boxes that play disturbing noises, I then focus on finding a different pathway or a different purpose. You can plan and you can change your plans.

    Final thought: Although the Road of Life story focuses on a personal journey towards a purpose, it also applies to partnering with another on the achievement of a purpose and the importance of being awake to hearing our spiritual wisdom in making choices when we sense disharmony. Doing so enables us to learn how to achieve harmony between our mental and inner wisdom. Our ability to hear our inner wisdom is a foundation stone in building a healthy society and planet and facilitating human evolution.

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