Understanding and addressing

the root cause of societal problems

     One important resource I have found very valuable is Riane Eisler’s book The Chalice and the Blade. She concludes from her extensive research that there have only been two societal paradigms that humankind has successfully used to enable survival. One she refers to as the domineering paradigm and the other the partnership paradigm. Her view is that “The domineering paradigm likely leads humanity to a tragic evolutionary dead-end, the equitable and sustainable partnership paradigm is both biologically possible and culturally attainable”.

    From my personal research I believe the primary challenge we face is not recognizing the need to embrace the partnership paradigm, but rather how to achieve the transition from the domineering paradigm while sustaining and improving prosperity. This website contains personal insights I have gained over my life’s journey, much in the hard school of experience, on how to facilitate this transition thus enabling us to build together a happy and healthy world for ourselves, future generations, and our planet.

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