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Some nice things people had to say about Bob Reiser's storytelling.

Bob Reiser is a wonderful storyteller, with tales for every age and temperament. I hope he keeps on for another half century.
- Pete Seeger
I use Bob's stories on my radio program. Not only is he a superb teller, but he is an excellent writer, and a deep thinker with an understanding of the human condition. I adore him!
- Jackie Baldwin, Storyteller, Author, and Radio Producer of Storyteller's World.
Bob is a Force of Nature, a master storyteller.
- Brother Blue (Dr. Morgan Hill ) Official Storyteller of Cambridge , MA
Bob has a gift, not only as an author, but also to connect with people. We recommend him with pleasure to any group interested in his wealth of stories.
- Deborah Warner, Reading Specialist, Valley Central Schools Newburgh , NY
Bob Reiser has delighted children and adults with his skill and talent.
- Judith Greenfield Children's librarian, Rye Pub library Rye , NY
Your love of the craft of storytelling was obvious in the enthusiastic manner in which you wove the stories, incorporated the flute and drum, and involved the children.
- Rita Schupp 3rd Grade teacher, Ryebrook NY
As a teacher, I appreciated the clarity and humor within each story, and your ability to keep the students interested. The children absolutely loved it.!
- Jennifer Scardina, Ridge St. School
Bob Reiser is magic. He plays with words, songs stories and life. His warmth alone makes an audience laugh. Bob Reiser smiles with his whole body. He's wonderful!
- Jay O'Callahan Master Storyteller
You give stories wonderful dimension with your delivery, your timing and your body language. You are a joy to watch and a great pleasure to hear.
- JG (aka "Paw Paw") Pinkerton Storyteller, Founder of Tellabration
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