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Programs & Workshops

Programs - A Sampler

For Folks of All Ages

Hear that Whistle Blow (Bob Reiser and Katie Green)
With songs and stories relive the wild wonderful era of America's Steam Trains.
Fabulous Fools
Long live fools and foolishness! Without foolishness, who would try the impossible? Who would dream the dreams? Who would never give up, even against ridiculous odds!? Stories about the wonderful fool who lives within each one of us. (for all members of the family)
This Little Light of Mine
Stories designed to build spirit, enhance self-esteem and encourage respect for others.
Chopped Herring
A taste of Old Brooklyn — Home of the Dodgers and the Bagel, Nathan's Hotdogs and Abe's Deli. Feel the magic and bring your Tums.

For Grade-School Folks

Listen to the Trees
Stories of nature to help us understand that the symphony of life surrounding us.
Story Rainbow
Stories from around the world. We are all part of the great human tribe, with hundreds of cultures and colors to flavor this glorious mix.
History Alive
Historical characters retell the stories and events of their times.

For Teens and Adults

programs_indian2 (6K)
An Evening with Grandpa Abe and Uncle Ahmet
In the middle east a Muslim and a Jewish teller duel to become chief tale-spinner for their city. Can stories mend a wounded world? The late Brother Blue called this 60 minute show a "tour de force... an expression of the storyteller's highest art...."
Red Diaper Blues
What was it like to grow up to the left of Coney Island Avenue where Red was a Banner, not a color, and 'strike!' was a battle cry, not an umpire's call! Listen to Bob new tale of love, passion and politics!"
Everybody Say Freedom
Little-known tales of our other Greatest Generation, the young men and women who fought to bring Civil Rights to to America.

Storytelling Workshops

Belly Laughs and Beyond

You are funny! You know it. Now let the world know too. Belly Laughs and Beyond will help break down the obstacles we all put up when telling a funny story. Using theater games and hands-on experience, get a chance to hone your funny story and share it with others.

programs_indian (6K)

This workshop has been conducted from New York to Pittsburgh to British Columbia. It is ideal for storytellers, preachers, teachers, public speakers, raconteurs in training, and anyone who doesn't want another funny tale to die on his or her lips.

My Story, Your Story, History!

"Tell my personal story - to strangers?! Not me! I'll bore them to death!"

Unbelievably, I found that no other stories I told touched people so deeply. In "My Story, Your Story, History," I will help you find the story gold in your life and craft it into tales that speak to others. Revisit your past, honor those you love, and find that a story truly is the shortest distance between two hearts.

Pass It On!

"Uncle Joe's Bean Farm, Grandma's first job cleaning house for a gangster, family stories connect one generation to the next. They show us that we are not the first in our line to face the wonder, the pain, the serendipity of life!

But who will keep these stories alive?

Reclaim the stories that enriched you and learn to be your family's own story-keeper. Your children, grand children, great grand children will thank you."

Custom Programs and Workshops

These programs are samples meant to inspire you, as programs can be tailored to fit your needs.

From weddings to memorials; from festivals to parties to retreats, stories can add to any important event.

Particularly relevent in our world today are programs of Native American fables, European stories, tales from the Middle-East and the Orient, as well as special programs and workshops to deal with conflict-resolution and community crises.

Want to put this storytelling power to work for you or your organization? Contact Bob Reiser.

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