Fears and Desires

It is Man’s fears and desires which permit him to allow his Personality Consciousness to control him. If these can be reduced Man has a better chance of listening to the voice of his Inner Self. It is important to understand that the fears and desires which stifle the growth of Man are of his own creation, his own thoughts. It is as if there were a whole army of fears and desires which have grown out of our society and culture which block our growth.

The media, the newspapers, TV, etc. are not to blame for they are a reflection of our consciousness. They will change as we change our consumption of them. They do provide a window to our Personality Consciousness. It is like a nightmare. The media are quite often stimulating our desire or greed, fanning our fears, or providing an outlet to vent our anger and frustration.

It is not suggested that Man should deny his physical self. If he does so he will tend to deny all physical reality, deny its tensions and its joys, and remove the stimulus for his own growth. Rather it is suggested that he recognize these fears and desires and make conscious choices for those which are valid to him.

What are the fears which control Man? His physical survival fear is only one of many. Anything which could challenge his identity, the security of his relationships and beliefs, or the realization of his desires or wants can be seen as a threat.

These fears and desires are not in the here and now. They are in another time and place in our lives. We can do nothing about them but be controlled by them at the point of creative action. The list is endless. We only need to look at our own thoughts and the reflection in the media of the thoughts of others to seethe extent of the army of fears and desires.

It is a difficult task to challenge the validity of our own fears or desires; to open ourselves up to the possibility that many of them are a product of our conditioning. This is particularly so when our fellowmen and the media continually remind us of the potential happiness in things and that many of our fears are not fantasies but real in an imperfect- world.

To deny that our fears and desires are real can be seen as a sign of surrender to our Personality Consciousness and to those from whom we have traditionally received approval. To not need to fear disasters or to possess things can be seen as a denial of the opportunities of life to those who see no other purpose.

Let us look at an analogy. Our store of grain in our barn is our survival assurance. No matter how much grain we have in our barn we can have our fears. Maybe the harvest will fail for many years in a row; maybe we will be robbed; maybe a fire will destroy the grain; maybe, maybe, maybe; or desires, perhaps if I had two barns, or four; maybe, maybe.

The world of our fears and our desires. If we could only trust our neighbor, there would still be plenty if one person lost his grain store. If we could be sure of our love from our neighbor and ours for him, many of our fears could dissolve away. Man wastes much of his energy competing for financial security for himself rather than combining his energy in cooperative actions which will ensure security for all. In our society our assets are our grain store. They are the potential energy of the planet. Our self interest and greed lead us to consume them and our fears lead us to hoard them and they are unavailable for creative use.

We have ho certainty that our fears are real or that our desires will not be realized. We are responsible for our own attitude to our survival belief. By taking positive steps so that our fears and desires do not control us we are taking steps in consciousness. Steps which will provide a foundation for our own growth.

The Prison of the Material World

Man has the instinct to survive and to ensure the survival of the species by procreation. His purpose has been to satisfy this instinct. His intellect has supported this purpose and the Personality Consciousness is the outcome of his experience, both taught and learned.

In our imperfect world Man’s Personality Consciousness has done its work well. Man has survived for millions of years, but why?  For the pursuit of happiness?  To leave a better world for hisdescendents to be happy in? Fine thoughts, but somehow this just doesn’t fulfill the answer to the question “what is the deeper purpose to life”. The answer is elusive to Man when guided solely by his Personality Consciousness so he gets about the business of survival.

In a particular society and a particular generation in which survival is threatened, i.e. depression, world wars, Man’s survival and procreation consciousness, his Personality Consciousness, takes control of his being. The search for wholeness, for expressions of the spirit and for a deeper purpose is set aside as Man directs his gifts, his energy, his thoughts, to survival. But even when survival is assured to a high degree his fears can continue to possess him and he drives for greater survival assurance, i.e. super survival. Then life is about survival, possession, competition, and not about wholeness or any deeper purpose.

Man believes greater assurance of survival will bring happiness. He looks to establish the outward signs of success in the survival stakes, i.e. material possessions, success in his work, respect from others. But with all this life is empty.

In this emptiness he turns to kicks, the smorgasbord of life. In these there must be meaning. He starts to take drugs, his own form, living a fantasy life, football, TV, movies. But there is only a short-lived high. He tries, he tries, he tries again but the answer is always the same. He walks out of the movie house into his own world, and it is empty of deeper meaning. He perceives the prison of the material world, always tempting, always empty. He cannot understand. His Personality Consciousness controls him and it has no answers.

It is in recognizing this emptiness, accepting that his escape into fantasy is not an answer, and viewing the destruction his greed for super survival has had on his environment that he can open himself to contemplating a reason for it all. He can only find the answer within himself, but he will not understand if his own being is drowned in self and fear. Only by recognizing the possibility of something different, entirely different than that which he has been striving for being of value for him, can he hope to find it and recognize it.

The Identity of Man

Death, what is death. One way of expressing it is the point of separation of the spiritual essence of Man from the physical body. In facing up to his inner beliefs on death, Man can open himself up to the possibility that he is both a physical being and a spiritual essence which can express itself through the physical body.

Let us consider that Man’s identity consists of both a Physical Self and the spiritual essence or Inner Self. Life provides the opportunity for the two parts to dance as one. This happens when in the creative moments of life our Physical Self is an expression of our Inner Self. This is the state of wholeness.

The instinct of Man is to survive and to preserve his species. He has been endowed with the gift of intellect. He sees his survival related

to that of his community and his beliefs. Through education and experience Man assumes the mental consciousness of his culture and particular community. I call this consciousness the Personality Consciousness. It has two parts. One which is known to the individual and one which is suppressed or unknown. The Personality Consciousness enables the individual to adapt himself to changes in his environment and to adapt his environment so he can avoid disasters, survive better. However, he can choose to use his gift of intellect in selfish ways and to destroy his organic relationship with nature, and thus use his gift to bring about his own destruction.

But Man is more than his instinct and his intellect. He has intuition, a sense of a deeper purpose and reason beyond his reason. This intuition is the opening to the expression of the Inner Self. The consciousness of the Inner Self is the Intuitive Consciousness.

Thus the identity of Man which will be used in this talk has four major parts, the Physical Self, the Inner Self, the Personality Consciousness, and the Intuitive Consciousness. The collective term for all these parts is Man.


I had a dream, a dream that man was not dead, but sleeping.My quest was to search for the key tohow he could awake. I found the key. The key to man’s awakening was his intuition.

This talk is about the process of awakening, awakening to what we really are, awakening to a deeper purpose of life. We are all at different stages of growth, different levels of consciousness and thus it is not possible to cover all the many different stages of man in one snapshot in his process of development. The Man who I refer to in this talk is representative of the group consciousness of Western man. Man at the point of awakening from his sleep. Some men are awake, others will sleep for a long time yet. But let us look together at Western man in the process of awakening.

This process of awakening is called by many names, accepting Christ, achieving Cosmic Consciousness, or Self Actualization. Many names for one journey. I’ll call it the Second Coming.