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Dangerous Stories

Dangerous Stories

A dangerous story takes the world you know and turns it on its ear. It makes the ordinary, extraordinary. Once you hear a Dangerous Story, you will never be the same. Catch the spirit and DIVE... Right.... IN!

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The Story Tree

The Story Tree

The story tree is one of the world's oldest places. It is in every town and every home and every city. This is where people gather to hear stories, where mothers children, fathers sit in the shade and listen to tales that make them laugh, shiver and rejoice. Join me under the story tree and listen.

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product_foibles (19K)

An Evening With Grandpa Abe and Uncle Ahmet

Can stories mend a broken world? What if the greatest storytellers of the Jewish and Muslim world had a chance to match their tales and their wit? Who would win? Or could there be... dare we hope... Understanding? Spend an evening with grandpa Abe and Uncle Ahmet and find out.

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product_foibles (19K)

Foibles and Fiddlesticks

Whimsy and fun are not just for the under-nine-year-old set; oldsters over eleven years have a right to giggle too. The seven stories include Bob's signature pieces like The Pumpkin's Tale and The Swan Tenor as well as new stories like Petey and Delilah (told with Andrea Lovett). It is dedicated to Storytelling's Prince of Fables, Brother Blue.

product_chopped_herring (9K)

Chopped Herring and Other Brooklyn Tales

A storytelling version of an old photo album, includes six stories that conjure up the smells, sounds and indigestible foods of growing up in 1940s Brooklyn . Bob invites listeners to join Captain Midnight, Superman and Izzie the appetizing king to share his Child's Garden of Flatbush .

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Books for Adults

everybody says freedom

Everybody Says Freedom (with Pete Seeger)

"See America's Civil Rights era come to life through songs, stories and pictures of the people who changed America, and, in turn, the entire world. Some of the songs exploded spontaneously during the heat of Civil Rights demonstrations and and marches and church meetings. Some were spun during lonely hours of solitary confinment in the Hinds County Jail or Parchman Penitentiary. The stories were found in Coffee Shops in Jackson Mississippi, front porches in Knoxville Tennessee, church basements in Brooklyn New York. They came from the mouths of the young (not so young anymore) and the elderly, and from people whose names we never knew. This book is dedicated to them." - Pete Seeger and Bob Reiser.

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Children's Books

product_david (13K)

David Get His Drum

Published by Marshall Cavendish Co. Co-written with Jazz Great, the late Panama Francis and illustrated by award-winning artist, Eric Velasquez. This is a story about a child learning to understand the magic that flows from his heart and hands - The magic of music.

As Panama Francis said, "I am a drummer man. For seventy years I have beat out that dancing sound for people to hear... Every time I see folks smile and tap their feet to the rhythm, I feel as happy as I did on the day I first beat a pair of sticks on an old tin can."

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