Waking Up

    We have looked at the idea that Man needs to accept a new vision of himself which recognizes his Inner Self. Let us now look at the process of Western man waking up and seeking relationships.

     Man has mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual components. He looks at himself, does his life demonstrate a harmonious balance of these components? The typical man has an overdeveloped mental component, an underdeveloped physical component, a suppressed emotional component and a denied spiritual component. He is a reflection of his society.

     If you can look honestly at yourself and see those characteristics in you, welcome. You are twentieth century Western man starting to wake up. You are ready to be fully human, not a programmed robot stamped out by the survival fears of your culture. We are well prepared to share mental thoughts and reasoning. That has been the note of our time. When entering new relationships this is the first level of sharing. It can be threatening to some who see their thoughts as a part of themselves. They are used to seeing relationships solely as a source for their own well-being. Sharing our mental component can be an opportunity to test the strength of our basis of acceptance and identity.

     Our emotions are a much more private and mysterious part of us. They are reactions of the body to our consciousness. We call them feelings. We often do not know the consciousness which stimulates them. We don't know if it comes from our known Personality Consciousness, our unknown Personality Consciousness, or our Intuitive Consciousness.

     The only thing that is certain is that it seems a real part of us. Our body tells the truth when it reacts to our Consciousness. When we share our emotional aspects with another we share a deeper part of ourselves than just our thoughts.

     The sharing of the physical aspects of each other is a challenge to Western man. It is an area of vulnerability, of image, of a strong cultural influence on his Personality Consciousness. There are many dos and don'ts. The natural flow of his physical being is stifled. It is closed to the expression of his spirit. We can hardly look at one another clothed without a great feeling of self consciousness, let alone look at one another unclothed. We have become a society of peeping toms, looking at one another from windows and sidewalk cafes. Looking at one another through the media but not face to face. That would be an intrusion of our privacy, of our - separateness. If we exhibit resistance to looking at one another, it is small compared to our fear of touch. To touch one another is to be seeking the forbidden fruit of sex. If a man embraces another man he is seen to be showing signs of perversion.

     Our resistance to physical closeness is a great handicap to our stability and growth. No matter how difficult life is, if a child is held by someone he trusts life can seem so much better. All our difficulties can be soothed by the loving embrace of others. The need for permission to embrace each other, in love and not desire, is a need for Western man. The proliferation of massage parlors is but an organized response to a need we could fulfill for each other.

     To share our spiritual self is to share our love, to share our Inner Self through any form or combination of our mental, emotional, and physical components.

     All four components, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual, are part of Man. As Man wakes up he can open himself to his opportunity to demonstrate a harmonious balance of them in his life.

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