Two Pathways to Unity

    The urge for unity which guides Man's journey is a call from his Inner Self. Only in releasing himself to the guidance of his Inner Self, his Intuitive Consciousness, can he find the unity he seeks.

     The question for many of us who recognize the need to release control to our Inner Selves is how to begin the journey, how to "seek and ye shall find". Life offers two pathways. One is to make the choice to participate in the effort of awakening to the flow of the Inner Self, the spiritual essence that is the true being. This way can involve many sacrifices of the comfort of the Physical Self, but holds the only real possibility of pure joy and true love.

     The other way is to choose the material path, the way of short-lived pleasure of physical possession with its associated bad after taste of non fulfillment. Each of us is continually tempted with the easy path that leads to physical reward but which requires that we betray our inner convictions. This is the message behind the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. We musteach make our own choice each time we are offered the chance to sell ourselves to the devil. It is in the daily opportunities of making these choices that we can see the conflict between the self interested voice of the Personality Consciousness and the voice of wholeness of the Inner Self.

     No matter what choice is made the paths lead to unity. If the choice is made, this time, for short-lived material pleasure Man just spends a longer time in his own hell until he finds the inner strength to choose the path to pure joy and true love.

     The darkest night is just before the dawn. It is from the depths of our man-made hell that the spirit can arise. As we look at the opportunities of each day, the opportunities for creative renewal and birth of our planet, it is up to all of us to accept the temptations of life, to feel the tension between our need for survival and our hunger for unity and to find the creative way to relate to those opportunities in order that Light and Love may manifest on Earth.

     As we look at the surface conflicts and confusion of our age in transition we can sense the night is dark for many and the dawn is not far away. The dawn will start to break for each of us as we accept the challenge of looking within ourselves and starting to take the steps to respond to the call to unity from our Inner Selves.

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