The Spotlight of Science

     In our search for meaning many branches of science have been established. The biological identity of Man has been studied and much is known and much is still a mystery.

     Our search for meaning into the nature of matter focused first on physical matter. We have split the atom and delved into its structure. We have unmasked many of the riddles of the stars and the origins of our universe. It is only recently that science turned its spotlight on Man, not as a biological being, but as matter, the product of an evolving universe.

     The insights gained by science, philosophy, and religion are revealing Man as an evolving consciousness which is part of and connected to a greater whole. Man is much more than a one-lifetime physical being. He is the most advanced product of evolution on the planet.

     The stage of evolution which is taking place on this planet at this moment is the evolution of Man's consciousness. Putting this in a different way, we are a Physical Self made up of matter of the universe which is in the process of becoming, the vehicle for the expression of the consciousness of our spirit and our spirit is at one with the cosmos.

     It is believed that it is Man's energy body which contains his consciousness and his link to the infinite. The physical body is just a reflection of the energy body and the form of the energy body is influenced by the individual consciousness. Science is showing that we are what we eat, and we are just a continuous recycling center for matter which maintains the same form. What holds the form? Our consciousness does. Thus if there is ill health in the physical body it is a reflection of sickness in the energy body and in its forming consciousness. It is through the energy body that healing touch and healing thought (prayer) can work. With the wider acceptance of auras and Kirlian type photography the energy fields of matter are being perceived by all who choose to look.

     Waking up to the opportunities of life we can evolve our consciousness. This evolution of consciousness will reflect in our energy body and thus in our physical body and all we do.

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