Sex and Materialism: the Conciousness of the Devil

     Western culture and materialism provide us with an illustration of the outcome if control of our Physical Self is held by the Personality Consciousness without the balancing insight of the Intuitive Consciousness. If Man can make the choice to allow his Intuitive Consciousness to guide his Physical Self he will function in an organic way in relation to his environment, not acting against nature but with nature; adapting himself to nature, rather than foolishly trying to bend the laws of nature to suit himself. This is the path to inner peace and spiritual health.

     The experience Man gains as he opens up to the expression of the Inner Self will be incorporated into the Personality Consciousness and thus assist in his growth to wholeness. Man's Personality Consciousness is not good or bad, it just is. It is a reflection of his level of development. In cooperation with intuitive impulses it has created many concepts and forms which have provided the framework for the process of life. But at any stage in the evolution of Man's consciousness it is just a reflection of his stage of growth not of his direction and his possibility.

     The survival of Man is dependant on matter. If he allows his Personality Consciousness to be his sole guide he can become addicted to matter, worship it, and the forms he creates with it. Matter cannot worship itself, it is only Man's Personality Consciousness which can worship matter. That force is the consciousness of the devil. Without Man's Personality Consciousness the devil could not exist. Just as Man when led solely by his Personality Consciousness expects to find happiness in union with matter in materialism he also expects to find happiness in physical union with others, in sex, and finds it empty. When Man seeks fulfillment of his urge to unite, to love, in materialism and in possessive sexual unions he can never find what he is seeking.

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