Sex and Love

    In our life journey our Personality Consciousness guides us into relationships which offers security and comfort and our Intuitive Consciousness guides us into relationships where there is an opportunity for us to experience real joy and true love.

     In all these relationships the opportunity is provided for us to experience the tensions and temptations of possession and materialism and to choose to surrender to them or choose to walk the path to wholeness.

     The relationships we choose are the food and water of our growth to wholeness. However, if each of the individuals who join together to seek welfare or a greater unity is not whole within themselves, then how can their union be whole?

     Man does not easily realize that the attraction to unity comes from a deeper source. He tends to see a relationship in terms of his own welfare and survival. The relationship can become the vehicle for struggles of the Personality Consciousness. Unity is not realized, frustration can build and without a means of venting this energy the relationship could cease.

     Let us look boldly at one aspect of ourselves, in which venting, resulting from the tensions of the temptations of life manifest. Sex. Although parallels are easily drawn between sex and our possession of the earth, sex touches on a deeper part of our need, our need for relationship. Sex is one of the locks by which our Personality Consciousness can imprison us.

     Sex, or the fantasy of sex, either with or directed towards the objective of our hope for unity or towards some perhaps less threatening neutral objective provides an avenue for release. It gives a false sense of union and yet in the process allows us some of the closeness we seek with each other.

     Many are aware that in the first phase of a committed male/female relationship sexuality is very active in comparison to the level of activity in the mature relationship. In our backward Personality Consciousness thinking the reduction of sexual activity is often seen as a sign of a lessening in the depth of the relationship. In reality it is probably a sign that acceptance and unity have grown and the need for sexual venting has been reduced.

     With this understanding sexual desire can be seen in a positive way. It is a sign of hope for a yet unrealized unity. Therefore, sex, and all its forms of expression within our culture, are manifestations of our unsatisfied hunger for unity.

     The relationship of person to person has its parallels in Man's relationship with the earth, with natural things. He can look at them from a Personality Consciousness, prospective of lust, desire, and possession or from an Intuitive Consciousness, prospective of wholeness. He can choose to try to possess all things or love all things.

     Most of us can see in our relationships with others and with things both the elements of lust (unrealized unity) and love (realized unity). That is the condition of life. Without the unfulfilled desire for unity, the tension and realness of life would not exist. The choice is always ours.

     Unfortunately, in our culture, many have given up the struggle of life and surrendered to a Personality Consciousness prospective, and live in a fantasy world full of materialistic substitutes for love rather than in a real world of growth and pain, pure joy and true love.

     Many of the creative relationships of life, both with others and the physical world, have degenerated into lust and possession or into disillusionment. Many of Man's creations born out of the joy and love of life crumble into decay and few seem to care.

     The answer to all the unsatisfied hunger for unity and disillusionment in our culture is to build real bridges of relationship through which the hunger can be satisfied. Relationships in which we and others can learn to express our Inner Selves. The energy of the Inner Self, when allowed to flow in these relationships can satisfy the hunger. The Inner Self can transform sexual energy into creative energy. The name for that creative energy is love.

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