Seeking Relationships

    The real situation for many of us is that we are somewhere along the path of satisfying these basic requirements and thus partway on our growth to wholeness.

     We experience the attraction of relationships with other individuals and groups of individuals which we sense can assist our growth to wholeness and thus assist in enrichment of the planet.

     How do we proceed to more fully realize these relationships and their opportunity of providing us with the insights we need for our own growth?

     It is important for us to look at our relationships, all of our relationships, in terms of growth to wholeness rather than in terms of security and welfare. If they are purely for welfare it is advisable to release ourselves from them. Many of our relationships with the planet, with the earth, and with others may well be for our own welfare. For example, many people approach their friendships or marriage from the viewpoint of what the Personality Self gains in welfare or security. In our work situation it is often what can I get, not what can I give. Many relationships are seen from the viewpoint what's in it for Me, how can I be happy. But life is not about happiness or about contentment. It is about wholeness, love, and unity. Real fulfillment can only come in the process of realizing this unity.

     We should look at our relationships and put our energy into those which provide the opportunity for our growth. If we lack these relationships, we should take the steps to transform existing ones or establish new ones. "Seek and ye shall find".

     For many taking a positive step towards growth seems like trying to get out of a room with no door. They have a pattern of life in which the have too much activity and not enough peace. They admit to themselves that they need many of their activities for release from the tension of life. Thus they are reluctant to give these up. The remainder seems necessary for physical survival and to satisfy commitments to their family and communities. There seems little room for anything else. They are looking at the prison of the material world. Each person has to find his own way out. The answer lies not in an endless search for something new but largely in a transformation of the way we look at life. "Behold I make all things new". If we can open the door a crack to our Inner Self, it can help us see old things in a new light.

     In the journey to wholeness our Physical Self becomes the expression of our Inner Self. The participation in meaningful relationships with a consciousness of accepting oneself, others, and the world as it is provides the environment for our journey to wholeness. To participate in this journey is to participate in the process of life.

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