Recreation and Pubs

    Recreation for many is an evening in the local pub. Why is it that the local pub has such an attraction? For some it is the place where they have sustaining relationships. For others, it is a place for venting their frustrations of life. The danger in the choice of alcohol for release of life's frustrations is a cause of great concern in our society. In some it is only the trigger to release the anger. In others it opens the trapdoor to despair.

     Relief from the crutch of excessive use of alcohol will only come from understanding the stimulus for its use. It is one of the most blatant signs in our society of our unfulfilled desire for unity.

     We all can gain by reflecting on our use of leisure time. Are we using it for meaningful relationships and growth or are we using it for kicks and release. Most of us will see both elements. For example, sailing, caravanning, fishing, all can provide opportunities for meaningful relationships with people and with nature; or they can be an opportunity to demonstrate competition, materialism, and selfishness. In each situation the choice of pathway is ours.

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