Opening Up to Nature and Art

    Man's wholeness is sensed in his relationship with nature, not in his possession of it.

     Man has expressed his spirit in many ways through art, in many forms, music, painting, poetry. As Man exposes himself to art, opens himself up to it and feels its message he is foaling the movement of the spirit.

     This exposure to art and nature gives us a chance to feel the movement of our spirit within our being, and our joy can move us to tears.

     Each contact we have with nature is an opportunity to feel the movement of our spirit.

     Nature is always ready to be receptive to our relationship. By learning to share yourself with yourself and with nature you can learn to accept yourself and thus decrease your resistance to sharing yourself with others.

     Let's look at a simple example. Can you dance freely, let your body flow? Can you stop your brain controlling your body and let it dance? Can you dance like a leaf in the breeze? Try it. Does it feel tight? Do you feel a resistance to your flow? Now you are experiencing your own resistances to your Inner Self.

     Nature can be a great aid to experiencing your Inner Self. As you feel yourself respond to the beauty of nature in all its forms, you are feeling the expression of your spirit. A walk in nature can be an opportunity to see all things new. Walk, don't run. As you walk, feel your body, feel the air, see the sights, and sense the smells. Relax. Don't pace yourself. Let your body do that. Let things catch your eye. Don't analyze them, relate to them. Everything has wonder and beauty in its depths.

     We do allow ourselves the permission to touch nature, feel the grass, the rain on our face. We allow ourselves to hold our pets but not each other. Is it unnatural for a child to want to be held, or to go to sleep holding a treasure he cares for? How can we learn to treasure each other? To learn that is a major step on our path to wholeness.

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