Opening Up to Each Other

    It is one thing to open ourselves to the experience of the movement of the spirit in relationship to nature and to art. It is another to open ourselves to the movement of the spirit in each other. In relationship we expose our own reality to another. We risk exposing that we still have many fears and desire, fantasies of possession and lust. The carefully constructed barriers with which we clothe ourselves are threatened. We fear that a relationship once established may crumble if these barriers are breeched. It is surprisingly very simple, in a relationship of acceptance and love, for those fears and unfulfilled fantasies and desires to be realized in such a way that they no longer prevent the growth towards unity.

     One way of looking at our differences is to see them as our individuality. Man tends to see individuality as insanity or perversion. Man tends to see the spiritual leaders who have tried to guide him along the spiritual path as insane if they suggest something which is not normal. Christ was crucified, Gandhi and Martin Luther King were shot for their abnormal beliefs. Let us in our close relationships show our abnormalities without fear of judgment. Only with such acceptance can our growth to wholeness take place.

     We need to be able to bring our fears and fantasies out into the daylight in order to relate creatively to them. If we pretend they are not really there, try to suppress them, they will continue to control us. It is a prison from which we con help each other escape.

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