Meaningful Relationships

    Meaningful relationships can be either chance relationships, term relationships, or sustaining relationships. Chance relationships are those which happen in an unplanned way with others, known intimately or not, but which provide an opportunity for an "in the moment" exchange. These exchanges are what most people exist on but they are not a reliable basis for sustaining our growth.

     Term relationships are those which are planned but have an agreed duration or foreseen endpoint. They have an important role to play in the growth process. They provide a chance to try a relationship without having to make a firm commitment. If trust is built and the relationship is meaningful the term relationship can grow into a sustaining relationship. Term relationships are of particular value in focusing on a particular area of development which once realized can then be better applied in a different environment.

     Sustaining relationships are available to each one of us in any situation where we choose to meet on a regular basis to relate and cooperate with others, in the family, extended family, work, church, club, etc.

     The possibilities for us to experience each type of relationship are broad if we will risk seeking them out.

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