I had a dream, a dream that man was not dead, but sleeping.My quest was to search for the key tohow he could awake. I found the key. The key to man’s awakening was his intuition.

     This talk is about the process of awakening, awakening to what we really are, awakening to a deeper purpose of life. We are all at different stages of growth, different levels of consciousness and thus it is not possible to cover all the many different stages of man in one snapshot in his process of development. The Man who I refer to in this talk is representative of the group consciousness of Western man. Man at the point of awakening from his sleep. Some men are awake, others will sleep for a long time yet. But let us look together at Western man in the process of awakening.

     This process of awakening is called by many names, accepting Christ, achieving Cosmic Consciousness, or Self Actualization. Many names for one journey. I’ll call it the Second Coming.

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