First Steps to Wholeness

    In the face of selfishness and apathy how can those who choose to wake up start taking steps towards building the environment and relationships in which they will risk choosing the pathway to wholeness and unity?

     The pathway that mankind has taken through recent history has led us to the point at which our society is today. Our political leaders, our sociologists, our educators, the combined energy of our corporate intellect, has led us to a world in which a deeper meaning and purpose are absent. Survival fears are foremost and more people are confused and angry than at any other time in known history. It is the world of our Personality Consciousness.

     Our survival fears make it difficult for us to accept change. Any different ideas, even those of our Inner Selves, can be seen as a threat. How can we start to move, each of us in our own individual way, from this world of separation and confusion towards the point of recognizing the real unity that exists in our deeper beings?

     The first requirement is to love yourself, to accept yourself, to accept the reality of the situation in which we exist, each of us in our individual relationships with the broader planet. The love that a mother can have for a child gives us a sense of the accepting love we should have for ourselves. It transcends the Personality Consciousness. It transcends sexuality and image. This first step is one of loving and accepting your Inner Self, not loving the individual acts of the Physical Self, but loving the spiritual essence which is your true being and is a, part of the whole. We are all beautiful people at different stages of our growth to wholeness. Beautiful, not in our surface acts, or Personality Consciousness, not to some standards of our culture, but in our spiritual essence, the real us. Thus we need first to love the fullness of what we are, accepting all our failings.

     It is important not to hide from all relationship, waiting for the time when we sense an acceptance of ourselves. That awareness comes out of participation in life. Let us grasp the opportunities life provides and draw on our inner strength to learn from the lessons of life. Once we are able to accept that many of our acts are guided by our Personality Consciousness and that it is natural that they will seem imperfect to our Intuitive Consciousness we have a prospective from which we can grow. We can look at ourselves more objectively, and rather than putting our energy into defending ourselves we can learn from our experiences. When we can love our own Inner Self we will find it more natural to love the inner reality of each other and of our world in transition. This is the second requirement.

     Each of us is different and so is the process required for each individual to satisfy this requirement. For some the path is long, for others short but it is the starting point. It provides the basis for further growth. Without satisfying these requirements life becomes a game of pretenses, of acting, of judgment of the neighbor. We move into an unreal world of games and conflict rather than a real world of relationships. With the acceptance of ourselves and others we have the basic consciousness from which to build healthy relationships from which we can grow and from which the planet can be enriched.

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