The Final Note

    Let us use the analogy that all matter, whether it be animate or inanimate, has a note, its own pure, natural note, the note of its inner essence.

     And let us use the analogy that all these notes of all matter in our planet make the symphony of life. Let us take one pace back from the planet Earth and look at it on its journey to wholeness. "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven".

     Man is unique of all forms of matter on the planet. His consciousness is highly developed. He has free will. He has the free will to live in harmony with the planet, and thus with all men, or not. His note can be played in tune with the symphony, or not. All other forms of matter and life function on an instinctual level. They have evolved to be in tune with their environment.

     Man's opportunity in his growth to wholeness is to learn to do consciously what other forms do unconsciously, to be in tune with the planet and to be in tune with the planet is to sound the note of the, Inner Self. Man can choose to possess and consume the planet or to love it.

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