The Fall of Man

    Let us look more closely at the surface world, the physical world in which we are given our opportunity of life. Our intellect has enabled us to extend our abilities further than our physical body and its senses. We have developed many goods to assist our physical comfort, stimulate our intellect, and improve our work environment. There are many creations in our surface world that our intellect has devised in cooperation with our intuition that are natural extensions of our Physical Selves that assist us in fulfilling our purpose in an organic way in relationship to the laws of nature.

     I think it is easy for many of us to see the difference between the basic needs we have, our natural extensions, and those many wants. If we look honestly into our needs for a new this or that, the next importance on the list, we may gain insight into whether it is our Intuitive Consciousness or Personality Consciousness which we are allowing to lead.

     The more clearly we can see our purpose or our vision of what we are about with our individual lives with others I think the easier it is to see those things which are natural extensions of ourselves and our beings and these possessions we still cling to, which perhaps have been a need for us in the past but now can be put to better service.

     Our daily lives give us the opportunity to relate to others and our environment in situations where there is the possibility to choose to allow our Intuitive Consciousness to guide us along the path of the Inner Self. But in the reality of our survival fears and material desires we many times allow our Personality Consciousness to make our choices. Thus we still feel a hunger.

     The legacy of our lives leaves us with a hunger which draws us to desire real closeness, closeness in particular relationships where the possibility exists for that desire tote realized and for wholeness to be approached. Thus we seek r relationships, a home, special possessions, perhaps a mate, a possibility for wholeness. We seek happiness but see it not in organic relationships and our growth but in our security and in protection rather than use of possessions. Thus real happiness is elusive. It is elusive no matter whether we win or lose. We can win the fruits of the struggle, possessions and secure possessive relationships, but they are empty.

     The downfall of Man is represented in his worship of matter. It is easy for us to see that in others but much more difficult to see it in ourselves.

     How easy it is to deny our growth possibility, by looking at others frailties but not at our own. It is often difficult to perceive our deeper motivation for all our possessions and particularly for the next importance on the list. Like lemmings to our destruction, we can go on for more, more, more. We become frustrated, angry with our real life struggles. No matter if we lust for the apple of temptation and cannot win it, or if we win it, bite it, and find it empty, life is not fulfilling.

     Man withdraws into his shell from the scars of his failure to find what he seeks; and then driven by the inner urge for unity he ventures forth again only to repeat the same pattern. No matter how much he possesses and. controls things and others he cannot find the unity he seeks in the physical dimension. He feels cheated by life. Without an outlet for this charge of negative energy society could soon destroy itself by internal conflicts or external wars.

     Society provides ways to vent or release these frustrations, normally in fantasy. All one has to do is to look at the recreation time and the activities of many of mankind and see this process going-on. Whether it be sport, movies, TV, magazines, they are all a way for venting the unfulfilled opportunities of the participants.

     That is the function the media serve in a world of Man led solely by his Personality Consciousness seeking fulfillment. I think that if Man could see that all the presentation and consumption of violence and anger, greed and possession in our recreation media as just a continual great venting of the creative energy that is provided to this planet he might open himself to a deeper understanding of the fall of man.

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