The Environment of Trust

    The environment of trust is a delicate environment. It is easy when faced with the opportunity to expose your real self to escape from the need to expose yourself by deciding that the others in the relationship have not earned your trust and then blame them for your own mistrust.

     Acceptance, trust, and love do not mean unconditional approval of all we do or think. It is important to give each other our honesty, to be real with each other. If our need is for welfare and pampering at the moment of sharing ourselves, and we get reflected another's honesty, it is easy for us to choose to interpret it as non acceptance and allow that to block us from having to risk exposing ourselves again.

     Our Personality Consciousness can protect our layers of conditioning well. It is an important aspect of meaningful relationships that they not be controlled by the need to assure each others comfort and that they are based on a commitment to honesty and growth.

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