The Doorway to Wholeness

     Man's ultimate source of survival belief is to grow to really accept he is not just a physical being but that he is also a spiritual essence, an Inner Self which survives even if his Physical Self does not. For many men that is too .large a step to take.

     Man can only open the door to the possibility of a deeper purpose to his existence if he believes that his needs can be satisfied and his fears may not be realized. Without this positive survival belief Man will be insecure and address all his energy and action to seeking this belief.

     For those who seek the answer only in material terms and not in consciousness the search is never ending.

     Man's growth to wholeness is his releasing of the control for his actions from his self preserving Personality Consciousness to the guidance of his Inner Self, his Intuitive Consciousness. "He who loses his life shall find it". Man lives to become what he really is, a spiritual essence expressing through a Physical Self.

     We each have the opportunity to take our own-sized step. To be part of this process is to be fully alive, fully awake. To be locked into survival and the pursuit of personal happiness as the only reason for life is to be alive but asleep. The process of awakening, of becoming, is that of becoming whole. Whole in ourselves, in our relationships, and through our actions whole in our environment.

     Man is part of the symphony of life. That is his gift. This opportunity is masked, clouded for many by their desires and their survival fears.

     Man needs to understand that the only value to his Personality Consciousness is that it helps him survive in an imperfect world but not for survival's sake alone but to provide the opportunity for wholeness.

     Man has the key to releasing his survival fear if he can really accept a new vision of himself which recognizes his Inner Self. This is his doorway to wholeness. The key is his Intuitive Consciousness. With this insight Man is better equipped to look beyond the survival of the Physical Self and to assess his daily activities to see if he can open his existing world to a greater expression of his Inner Self.

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