Don't Have Expectations

    A major block to our growth is our expectations; our desires and expectations of ourselves and of others. If we recognize the need to grow ourselves and then observe the state of our society, our first reaction can be anger and frustration. That anger and frustration is because our desires and expectations are not reflected by the world around us, by the people around us. We are not accepting of things as they really are. We approach the world with that attitude. We mostly approach ourselves and our fellowmen in the same wry. Our anger is not caused by some outward event. It comes from within ourselves. It is a sign of our lack of wholeness, our non acceptance of the world when seen from our own viewpoint. A viewpoint which may well stem from our own Personality Consciousness and not from the truth.

     When people start to wake up and grow there are not necessarily any great outward changes. The process is step by step. So don't expect wonders of yourself or others. Many people's reaction to the opportunity to grow is to suddenly increase their experiencing of the temptations of the material things on the smorgasbord of life. Don't judge them. This may be their step to really finding that material possessions and short term kicks are empty. Some people may turn inward to their marriage, their family, and you may judge them for not caring about the many needs of the broader community. It is wise to note that a solid building is not built on weak foundations. This may be the most important place for them or you to start.

     Their actions may seem strange to you, not normal, allow them their individuality. Christ was not normal. Allow yourself your own individuality. Don't be unnecessarily held by your traditions. Learn to perceive your environment and others as they are and not as your expect them to be. Allow yourself to be what you are, not what others expect you to be.

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